Persoonlijke begeleiding
Persoonlijke begeleiding


Many gyms offer plenty of options, but you need to know what to look for. Often, the attention of the instructors is divided, and everyone focuses on their own specialty, which means you might not always end up in the right place at the right time. BodyTrans also offers a complete package, but due to the focus on you, and our broad knowledge and experience, you receive the best solution at every moment in your training journey.

We always work from a program that is completely tailored to your goals, body, strength, condition, and any potential weak points. All we ask of you is to give it your all. Fortunately, BodyTrans trainer Almer knows better than anyone what that’s like, and over the years he has learned to maximize others’ potential. Moreover, you don’t have to hold back for anyone or anything. You are the only one in the BodyTrans gym.

T.O.P. Trainer
T.O.P. Trainer


The guarantee that everyone can achieve their goals—whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or breaking a record—is not given lightly. We only give it because our members have experienced the results in practice.

From elite athletes who improve their performance spectacularly through targeted training, to people who, to their own surprise, recovered from an injury that others had said they would just have to live with, to complete transformations: from overweight to a six-pack. Curious about how we can help you achieve your dreams? Then contact us.


Our 350 m² private studio is fully equipped to develop your fitness, strength, and technique. To guarantee results, treatments in our professional treatment room are part of your training program.

In addition, we have shower rooms, sanitary facilities, and after your training session, you can enjoy a healthy glass of purified water or a (protein) shake for faster muscle recovery.