Specialized Personal Training in The Hague

Personal and focused trainings for physical transformation.
Unique in The Hague!
Always one-on-one guidance.
Entire gym for you alone.
No shame, no spectators, no distractions!

• Nutrition & training plan tailored to you
• Private gym and training with 100% attention
• Over 20 years of experience in elite sports
• Highest degree in Personal Training
• Guaranteed transformation for everyone


The Personal Trainer

Almer van der Leeden

Almer van der LeedenAlmer van der Leeden

Owner, T.O.P. Trainer Overload Worldwide

To perform at the maximum of your ability, it's important to have the best trainer available. Almer van der Leeden knows this like no other. Sport has been the driving force in his life from a young age.

To possess the best knowledge and skills to achieve this, he completed the training to become a T.O.P. Trainer at Overload Worldwide™. His personality, experience, and this training make Almer a unique coach who successfully guides not only elite athletes but also anyone desiring physical transformation.


  • T.O.P. Trainer Overload Worldwide

  • Collaboration with therapists, doctors, and scientists

  • Experience with beginners and elite athletes

  • Over 20 years as an elite athlete

  • Unique coach for achieving any goal