About BodyTrans

Uniqueness of BodyTrans

Many gyms offer enough equipment, but most of the time one lack the knowledge to use it. Many times the attention is divided and trainers focus on their own specialism – resulting in not doing the right exercise at the right moment. BodyTrans also offers a complete package, but because of the 1-on-1 focus, the broad experience and knowledge, you will receive the best solution on every moment in your training.

We always work with a custom-made program adjusted to your goal, body, strength, stamina and weaknesses. The only thing we demand from you, is 100% effort. BodyTrans-trainer Almer knows what this means like no other. The years of training have taught him how to reach the maximum result out of others.

Moreover, there is nothing to be restrained for or to be embarrassed about. You are the only one in the BodyTrans-Gym.


It is not without reason that we guarantee that one can receive his or her goals, whether this is losing weight, gaining muscles or breaking records. Many members of BodyTrans have already experienced the result:

From professional athletes significantly improving their records, people who surprisingly recover from lingering injuries, to complete body transformations. Do you want to know how we reached these results? Don’t hesitate to contact!


In three months from now, when I reach my 50th birthday, I will have a six-pack, I once said. People who know me understand how ridiculous this was. Perhaps I was most surprised that I actually managed to succeed.


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