Strength training


Many people consider the external benefits of strength training. Certainly this is the case, and BodyTrans can help you with gaining muscles. However, there are many more reasons to start your strength training. It provides a more healthy and more confident posture, less wear, stronger bones and less chance on diabetes. Next to that, many research show that strength training positively influences your blood pressure and cholesterol level.


People often go between two extremes. On the one hand people tend to train too hard along with the wrong use of equipment, causing injuries. On the other hand people train too soft, without any results. BodyTrans helps you to perform on your maximum, without overloading your body. Next to that, we help you to train the right muscle groups at the right moment, efficiently gaining maximum results.


BodyTrans also helps professional athletes improving their performances by training specific muscle groups. Also if you are rehabilitating or want to strengthen a weak spot, specific strength training could be a solution.

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