Injury treatment


BodyTrans has the required facilities for injury treatment according to the Mylogenics™ method of Overload Worldwide™. Mylogenics™ is based on broad knowledge of muscle functioning and is used by BodyTrans to improve the use of muscles and prevent (or recover from) injuries.


You might already be suffering from injuries or it could occur that certain muscles are starting to hurt during the training. In both cases we use the techniques of Mylogenics™. The techniques basically focus on finding the cause of the pain in order to efficiently fix the issue. Other disciplines unfortunately only focus on symptoms and not the cause, making treatments unnecessarily long and too expensive with poor results.


Most of the times injuries go with adhesions of muscles, connective tissue or nerves. An adhesion can be caused by an injury. The disadvantage is that the adhesion blocks the functioning of the body. The result is that the injury is maintained or new injuries arise. The techniques of Mylogenics™ Release helps BodyTrans to neutralize the adhesions and solve the injuries.

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