Endurance training


Most people believe that endurance is the result of many endurance workouts. However in essence it is a combination of endurance ánd strength training. Take a former member of the gym, a runner of Marathons. He trained very hard, but the results were not satisfying at all. We saw that the focus on endurance training resulted in almost zero results. At BodyTrans we started focusing on the strength training, with training the right muscle groups. As a result, the marathon runner broke his personal record several times. BodyTrans helps you to find the right balance between endurance and strength.


Supercompensation is not only about training hard, but it also represents the optimal balance between training, food and rest. This balance helps you to recover quickly from a training and enables you to improve your level in the next training. The frequency of the training sessions differs per person, it depends for instance on the amount of stress in your life or the sleep you get.

BodyTrans takes all these personal factors into account in order to achieve the optimal supercompensation. That means that BodyTrans not only guides you with the right exercises, but also with taking rest and nutrition advice. More information about the method we use can be found in the menu -> Methods -> Hormonal Profiling.

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