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Welcome to BodyTrans, where we believe that everyone can make their physical dreams come true. Thanks to a custom-made program which perfectly suits you in a complete private gym, where you and the T.O.P. personal trainer realize your goals. Whether you are a professional athlete, or just desire a healthy and muscular body: these wishes become reality with BodyTrans.


The personal trainer

Almer Van Der Leeden


After more than 20 years of Karate at top level and multiple courses at Overload Worldwide™, it is Almer’s passion to train others towards goals that seemed impossible.

In order to perform at the maximum of your ability, it is important that you have the best trainer at your disposal.

More than 20 years Almer practiced Kyokushin Karate, achieving the black belt and 1st Dan, and successfully competing multiple international tournaments. While training the youth, he found his great passion: coaching others towards goals which they themselves considered impossible. Complete change, both physically and mentally.

In order to have the most profound knowledge and skills, he passed the T.O.P. Trainer-program of Overload Worldwide™. His personality, experience and the T.O.P. Trainer-program, make Almer a unique coach who realizes change for not only professional athletes, but for anyone desiring physical transformation.


T.O.P. trainer Level A en B
Mylogenetics Activation
Mylogenetics Release
Mylogenetics Rehab
Master Kettlebell Instructor
Personal Hormonal Profiling
Power Sled trainer
1e Dan Kyokushinkai karate


You are unique


Custom-made program

Anything is possible, if the program fits you. By providing a custom-made program, we prevent injuries and achieve the best result.


The gym is completely private, so the trainer can solely focus on you. Almer provide guidance, injury treatment and adjust the training on the spot if needed.

No distraction

In order to give it your absolute best, the whole gym is solely for you. There are no other customers to distract you from your goals.



Completely equipped


The 350m2 private gym is fully equipped for the development of fitness, strength and techniques. In order to guarantee results, treatments in the professional treatment room are included in your trainings-program.

Next to that, the gym is equipped with a dressing room with showers. After your session, you can enjoy a glass of purified water or a protein shake for quicker muscle recovery.



Overload worldwide™


Due to new and broader knowledge, versatility and patented concepts such as Personal Hormonal Profile™, Overload Worldwide™ is becoming the new standard in physical training. It is not without reason that Overload Worldwide™ provide training for police, navy and special forces.

BodyTrans will not only use the knowledge from Overload Worldwide™ during your sessions, but also for (nutrition) advice, measurements and weight loss support.



I couldn’t pass the first selection for the Dutch Marine Corps, due to several injuries. I tried everything, but it was only after I started training at BodyTrans that I got real results. Almer pushed me to my limits, and now I made the selection!